IQF Peach

IQF Peaches (Slices & Dices)

IQF Peaches are produced by clingstone or freestone peach varieties as per to our client’s desires.

Peaches are 100% Greek,  cultivated under the GlobalGAP principles and hand picked from the trees by trained workers, in private farms in the region of Macedonia – North Greece .


IQF Process

Our fresh peaches are picked at the peak of their ripeness, blanched and finally quick-frozen to lock in both nutrients and flavor.

They are washed carefully, processed and when ready to by consumed, our IQF Peach is the ideal labor savings solution. 

The final stage of the production is the freezing process through an I.Q.F. Tunnel to preserve the distinctive yellow color and flavor of the fruits. The freezing operation is carried out in such a way that the range of temperature of maximum crystallization is passed quickly. The quick-freezing process completes when the product temperature has reached −18°C at the thermal center after thermal stabilization.

Repacking quick-frozen peaches under controlled conditions is permitted.

Peaches are packed in different cuttings (slices or dices) based on the customer’s needs.