The "Tragana" Black Cherries

The “Tragana” Black  Cherries

Properly ripe fruits are harvested and handled rapidly prior to processing. Greek cherries are consistently darker and richer in color and flavor because of the unique Cherry variety we process called “Tragana” (translated: crispy) and we find only in the region of Macedonia in northern Greece. Cherries are cultivated under the GlobalGAP standards and are handpicked to ensure the highest Quality of Dark Sweet Cherries.

IQF Process

Frozen Cherries are prepared by freezing fresh, clean, sound, ripe and stemmed cherries of firm texture of the species. The process of the cherries includes an over- chlorinated water bath, sorting by an optical sorter and the destoning machines.

The final stage of the production is the freezing through an I.Q.F. Tunnel to preserve the color and flavor of the fruits. The freezing operation is carried out in such a way that the range of temperature of maximum crystallization is passed quickly. The quick-freezing process is not regarded as complete unless and until the product temperature has reached −18°C at the thermal centre after thermal stabilization. Repacking quick-frozen cherries under controlled conditions is permitted.

Quick-frozen cherries can be presented as whole (IQF: individually quick frozen) or pitted. Quick-frozen cherries may be presented as free-flowing (i.e. as individual cherries not adhering to one another) or non-free-flowing (i.e. as a solid block).