Who We Are

Frumenta S.A. is one of the largest productive units of frozen fruits (Peach & Cherry) and aseptic products (Puree, Dices) in Greece and abroad.

What & How We Produce

Frumenta ‘s innovation is that it can  produce simultaneously three products in high quality and in significant quantities: 1) IQF Individually Quick Frozen Peaches & Cherries, 2) Aseptic Peach Dices & Cherries 3) Aseptic Peach & Apple Puree single strength or concentrated.

IQF Peach & Cherry

The main products of Frumenta are the IQF Frozen Fruits, Peach & Cherry.  IQF Frozen Fruits are of high quality and maintain their significant nutritional value due to a technology known as Quick Freezing IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). From all preservation methods, only IQF freezing allows the restoration of all organoleptic characteristics of the products that are similar with these of fresh fruits.

Aseptic Dices & Puree

Frumenta is making good use of its Rossi-Catelli production line in order to produce also Peach aseptic dices and puree and Apple puree which are a much sought after product from all over the world due to their easy & cost efficient handling and storage capabilities.

Quality & Reliability

The production of safe and high quality products for our customers is our main goal. In order to achieve this target the company committed an application of a HACCP system (Food Safety Management System) which is continuously controlled and reviewed and offer Safe and high standard quality products.