Factory & Products

Frumenta S.A. operates one of the largest productive units of frozen fruits (Peach and Cherry) and aseptic products (Puree & Dices).

Its administrative office is in Thessaloniki and its facilities are right in the middle of the famous Pella production area, on the 16th kilometer of Palaia Ethiniki Odos Giannitson-Edessis near Kallipoli Skydra (Greece).

Frumenta S.A. factory is seasonal and has a production period which covers  the summer months (June – July – August – September) of each year. It operates right in the middle of the Pella area where the harvest of fresh Peaches, Cherries & Apples takes place.

During this short period, the company cover its customers’ needs for 12 months. Frumenta’s innovation is that it can manage to produce simultaneously three products in high quality and in significant quantities:

  • IQF Individually Quick Frozen Peaches & Cherries,

  • Aseptic Peach Dices 

  • Aseptic Peach & Apple Puree, single strength or concentrated.

This company employs a highly trained staff and maintains the proper and efficient organization of its departments. Its goal is the production of high quality products and the full satisfaction of its customers. The products of the company are addressed mainly to customers in the whole of the globe.

Finally, the company since its foundation has a continuous progressing course in the field of fruits processing with ultimate goal the improvement of the company in all its fields.