Froumenta’s main products are the Frozen Fruits, Peach & Cherry.


Frozen fruits are of fine quality and they have a high nutritional value due to the technology used, known as Quick Freezing IQF  or Individually Quick Frozen.

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, these versatile  IQF dark sweet pitted cherries or IQF peach slices are then quickly and individually frozen to maintain their freshness at their best form.

When fruits are first picked, they start to lose their nutritional value, and freezing in masses lumps the fruit together. Using the IQF method prevents this from happening, and instead keeps the fruit’s flavor, structure, nutritional benefits, and natural appearance intact, letting. Thanks to their preservation, the cherries & Peaches taste deliciously fresh; customers will never guess they were actually frozen.

Coming in conveniently, adding these cherries or peaches to a menu allows so many versatile options, while saving on the cost of labor. Keeping the peaches or cherries in their frozen state, add them into smoothies or milkshakes for a sugary sweet treat.

Thawing these peaches or  cherries allows them to be used in chocolate filled bread, pies for a wow factor on a dessert menu. Or, use these peaches or  cherries to fill danishes, hand pies, and vanilla or chocolate cake fillings for a fun peach or cherry flavor!

When macerated or made into a jam, these peaches or cherries can be used in trifles, or for topping off panna cottas and cheesecakes. Keeping them whole or creating homemade syrup is another wonderful and easy way to use these frozen fruits to enhance waffles, pancakes, and crepes, or fold into yogurt and ricotta for breakfast items. Plus, a syrup base can be added into shaken specialty cocktails for a fun, fruity way to mix things up! With so many creations to be discovered, your next signature menu item will benefit from these IQF cherries or IQF Peaches. 

And if the above are not enough, we offer always the option of Peach Aseptic dices and Peach or Apple Aseptic Puree which do not even require any freezer storage in order to be ready for all the same recipes and uses of our customers all over the world.

IQF Black Cherry

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IQF Peach

IQF Peach IQF Peaches (Slices & Dices) ​ IQF Peaches are produced by clingstone or freestone peach varieties as per to our client’s desires. Peaches are 100%

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Aseptic Peach Dices

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