Aseptic Peach Dices

Since the biggest advantage against other fruit suppliers is flexibility, Frumenta able to supply up to 18000 tons of frozen fruits (Cherries & Peaches), 4000 tons of Aseptic puree (single strength or concentrated) and with our brand new line we can provide Aseptic Cubes as well. 


The production line manufacturer is “Rossi & Catelli”. Per year we can produce up to 3000 tons of top Quality Aseptic Dices at the cutting size that the customer’s requirements.


The aseptic products that are included to our product list since 2012 are:

1) Aseptic Peach dices.

2) Aseptic Apricot dices (if requested ).


The biggest advantages of the Aseptic products are the easy handling and flexible storage conditions and the competitive transportation costs.


Aseptic dices as a product is similar to the frozen products with the characteristic taste and flavor of the fresh fruit and the attractive yellow-orange color. The difference remains on the fact that the aseptic fruits are treated aseptically in order to have a final product free from microorganisms or living forms of them.


The use of the Aseptic dices is mainly industrial by fruit preparation manufacturers, marmalade producers, juice producers, ice-cream manufacturers, bakery industry etc.


The product is totally natural without any kind of additives of additional substances.